Architecture Critic Rowan Moore on London: “The Global City Above All Others”

On Art and Aesthetics

Slow Burn City: London in the Twenty-First Century by Rowan Moore (2016, Picador)

The modern city is a subject of huge, huge interest to me. I like to read everything and anything about it – its physical structures, the social relationships it allows, the psychological states it can give rise to. I have written about non-fiction books on the lonely side of the city (The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone by Olivia Laing) and its dark facets (Noir Urbanisms edited by Gyan Prakash). There’s another that briefly comments on the place and the role of the city in our present geological age (Adventures in the Anthropocene by Gaia Vince). Then there’s one on a specific city – New York – a clever blend of fiction and non-fiction (Everyone is Watching by Megan Bradbury).

Two weeks ago I discovered a terrific book…

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