Indigenous Diaspora: Out of Place in Place

So true of the Ukrainian experience: colonized, enslaved as serfs, invisibles and dead souls, displaced and psychologically unsettled.

Reclaim the Warrior

Indigenous diaspora

to be out of place yet in place

a displacement

causing a mind-body-spirit dis-ease

with symptoms no doctor can identify

there will be no diagnosis of an illness

due to being placeless today


The spectrum of diaspora doesn’t cover this

the experience of reconfigured landscapes and loss

while you are forced to stand by and watch

has no fancy concept to back it up

no diagnostic description under the DSM

so we fly under the radar yet again


You see,

there are stories just beneath the city streets

that your bones are trying to remember

there are trail ways laying just behind those barbed wire fences

that you just can’t reach

there are ancestors bodies in these manicured landscapes

that have mixed and mingled with the earth

knowing this, you try to listen closely in these trafficked spaces

holding breath, keeping silent

knowing that a blood memory…

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