How to Influence Russian Public Opinion?

To Inform is to Influence

Andreas Umland is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, Kyiv.

Russian social networks are potential channels for spreading the truth about the Kremlin’s corruption and propaganda.

By Andreas Umland, February 26, 2016

During the past 15 years, Russia’s citizens have been exposed to a relentless demonization of the Western world, purposeful instigation of hatred toward the United States and heavy manipulation of foreign affairs reporting.

This spectacle has been going on full-speed in Kremlin-controlled mass media.

Thousands of cynical politicians, corrupt journalists, irresponsible showmen and bizarre pseudo-experts are telling the Russian people, day after day, how immoral, degraded and dangerous Western civilization and, above all, the United States are.

As a result, the majority of Russians now believe that the West is after them. Russia’s territory, natural resources, civilization and very existence are, according to a widespread belief, under deadly threat from Washington as well…

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