Russia-linked fake news floods French social media

To Inform is to Influence

Wi-Fi zone outside Pompidou centre in France (Photo: Alessio Milan)

Remember all those Congressional hearings about Russian propaganda, disinformation, fake news?  Not so much now, eh?  That is because Russia has shifted its main effort towards France. 

Russia has lifted and shifted fire, to France and they’re starting in Germany. 

They are flooding France’s social media. 

They’re still targeting the US, but with less spectacular and lower volume propaganda.  About Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, France, and Germany, Korea, and all the other places in the world we read about, but the headlines aren’t so obnoxious or nearly as much. 

That dubious distinction belongs to France and Marine Le Pen. She is blatantly in Putin’s pocket, she just met with him. Everybody knows this, and the press is reinforcing that point. Putin is apparently winning but he’s still trying. 

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BRUSSELS, 20. APR, 09:28

Almost one in four of…

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