Is Crocodile Gennadiy Almost Holy? (2016). Ch.II The friend of Cheburashka, the Antihero, the Life Philosophy and Dostoyevskiy

Ukrainian Cinema Overviewer

In my last post I entered the general information about the movie Almost Holy by Steve Hoover about Gennadiy Mokhnenko, the pastor “Church of Good Changes” who fights against miseries of people who had to live in the streets of Mariupol or non-human living conditions and fell into bottomless pit of alcohol, drugs and underground life which would not offer any positive perspective for them as well as would not improve the face of the reputation of the country.

I mentioned that I consider this movie to be not a ‘nonfictional’ documentary because it has some clearly observed ‘fictional’ symbols (which is not a negative statement, it is great! think outside the box!) such as the parallel with the character from the USSR cartoon, washing his hands and swimming in the cold sea.

The most central and obvious symbol is the fact that the pastor calls himself Pastor Crocodile several times throughout the…

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