Ukrainian Cinema Overviewer

Credit: Poster for the film Tіnі zabutih predkіv, engraving by Georgy Yakutovich, 1964 granted by Pavel Gudimov’s art center Я Gallery

A lot of people are familiar or at least have heard about the concept of American dream, so in my opinion every country and every nation must have their own dream which drives them through centuries pushing to improve and to search for their roots, to reevaluate their ideals and goals. But is there such a thing as the Ukrainian dream? I would say it embodies a self-made person (a man and a woman) who achieved the tops on hisher own coming from the simplest background, yet who is in the balance with nature, live in peace in the small cozy house which one can call home, with a person they love and respect; it is the one who loves a neighbor, who works in piece, who…

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