OrAngeLove (2007), people are not Angels, and Ukrainian land is not Heaven

Ukrainian Cinema Overviewer

The previous post happened to appear a surrealistic attempt to guide through the plot of the film orANGELove, as well as movie itself does by its filming and montage techniques. It gives the impression of abruptness and suddenness to confuse and create a puzzle. But in fact this scheme itself reflects the situation when one may get results that he/ she has HIV/ AIDS.

That is the problem which takes a major place in the Ukrainian cultural and social side, but no one really talks about it. Obviously, there are organisations which take care of the problem of HIV/AIDS in Ukraine, but it does not change its position of social tabu. Moreover, only lesser percentage of youth is properly familiar with the ways is could be transmitted, ways of protection, whom to consult in such cases. I remember in my school we had fundamental number of lessons about HIV/ AIDS but they…

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