Comment About Russian Influence

To Inform is to Influence

I received the following comment today from a respected Ph.D. colleague and a former chief of IO at CENTCOM.  Now he runs an IO/Influence corporation.

I hope the White House and Congress are listening.  

</end editorial>

…we need to take the debate up a level to talk about strategy to counter mal-influences.  The mechanisms to execute the strategy will be tailored to each agency/department and be too numerous to list. A broad outline:

First:  Go on offense.  We need to start playing the game unapologetically and loudly to beat Ru/Ch/Ir/IS at their own game. Our government does not appear to believe that we have a good product to sell, despite US influence in the world being overwhelmingly positive — for instance: the amount of government and charitable aid we provide the developing world swamps most of the developed world’s aid combined and that fact will not change even if the…

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