Countering Russian Information Warfare: Theoretical And Practical Problems

To Inform is to Influence

Today, I was discussing people opposing government-generated propaganda with a colleague and wrote this:

I happen to agree with them, it is bad.  The bad part is where propaganda is a lie, a distortion, or a twisting of the facts (which politicians do routinely).  We have no official definition of propaganda, even though we outlawed its dissemination domestically via the Smith Mundt Act, now rescinded (each year the NDAA, however,  has a clause preventing DoD from disseminating propaganda domestically).  How, then, can we have either defend or prosecute an accusation of domestic propaganda?  It would have been just like current Congressional hearings – not based on facts, all based solely on feelings.

Even worse, if the government just puts out a basic fact sheet, it is often labeled propaganda by those who oppose a position or the politics of the administration. As I said in a blog many years ago, ‘anything…

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