How the world should react to Russia’s terrorist-destructive efforts

To Inform is to Influence

Photo: EPA/UPG

Europe and NATO’s EU member states remain the main target of the Kremlin. Being unable to exert direct effective pressure on its western neighbours, Russia relies on acts of provocation to undermine the EU foundations from the inside. How should the civilized world react to such threats from Russia?

The struggle for bases and positions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, which I talked about previously, gave “perfect results”: millions of refugees escaping a civil war and barbarian carpet bombing by the Russian Aerospace Troops flooded European countries which turned unprepared for this development of events both morally, politically and organizationally. The question of how refugees should be treated split the European society and gave significant dividends those political forces who declare so-called traditional values. Namely these parties Russia sees as its potential allies in the fight against the US global role…

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