I love the author’s layered complexity.

Living the Apocalypse

The next big thing could be inclusive fitness. It might not be in the same cohesion as with say the harmony of a raga placed side by side in sync with the latest emo jam but talking about what will be the best for the upcoming generation must have something to deal with perfect continuity. The classic exitus-reditus scheme once again has to put in the frontline its substratum of resolution towards a source that gets higher in degrees. Perfection, it claimed, is achieved through a return.

Current researches thus adjudge it correct to look at its trail in such a ‘return’ perspective: the genes, cells, blood plasma, etc. of the young generation below age 25 could be medically injected to boost the vitality of the old ones. The wonder of our rodent friends are initiating wishes to come true, as the pioneering experiments of mice prove to be applicable…

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