Current Politics in Ukraine

David Marples

The tragic events in Odesa indicate the escalating war in Ukraine: from separatists, to ultras, football fans, or the Right Sector, the groups involved are fanatical and determined, though it is not always clear what their respective desired outcomes would be. Nor is it clear what the goals of Vladimir Putin are or when they will be revealed.

If we analyze the complaints and grievances of the separatists and their Russian patrons, the following spring most readily to mind:

  1. The takeover of power in Kyiv through a coup allegedly conducted by a right-wing paramilitary group that brought about the ouster of the elected president, Viktor Yanukovych.
  2. The establishment of an interim government that largely excludes representatives from the Donbas and the south.
  3. Threats to the rights of Russian-speakers throughout Ukraine and their right to use their native language.
  4. Intrusions into Ukrainian politics both financially and personally by leaders…

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