In the Belly of the Bear

History in the making and we’re in Moscow to witness it. All things considered, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.


Putin anschlussed the Crimea and made it official – the Russian Federation is basically the “New! Improved?” USSR. How can this be you ask? Very simple. Russians are idiots. Not unintelligent, just completely and utterly disabled in the ability to think critically department. E.g they will tell you that you need to rewrite your software so that it works in Russia. I tell them that contrary to what they have heard, oil and gas flow in the same way as in the US, Canada etc. This belief that they are different and need to oppose the outside is still common. They seem to think that the USA, Germany, France and the UK are lined up on the borders ready to destroy them utterly. They’re overly nationalistic and “patriotic” – consider the…

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