Cut and Paste

The founding fathers.


One Hundred years ago…


Look a bit – uh – dated?

 And the World’s Getting Worse. Co-authors James Hillman and Michael Ventura set out to start a small cultural revolution of their own, no, that’s incorrect. They set out to start a major revolution, by throwing rocks, as it were, through the glass windows of their own private spaces. A space defined, initially, and they now find claustrophobically, by the confines of a consulting room.
They decide to go about it in an unconventional way. Not by sitting down and writing and exchanging drafts, but by pacing about and talking, by debates over dinner, by late night phone calls and a lively exchange of letters. In other words, by a genuine dialectic, and a discourse that is as physically energetic as it is intellectual. It starts as an interview and ends as a fast drive…

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