Alexandretta Found

Do we live in an age of Nihilism? 

I’ve read plenty to suggest that we do. It doesn’t take the reading of someone like Zygmunt Bauman, of whom I dealt with plenty this afternoon, to get a sense of profound hopelessness about the world in which we live in presently. He calls the postmoderns, or perhaps more aptly the ‘liquid’ moderns, ‘nomads.’ We live minute to minute and jump from cause to cause and desire to desire more quickly than we can keep track of. We’re analytical, certainly, but only insofar as it serves limited, often consumer-based needs. 

It’s an easy picture to get depressed by. 

Certainly all of it is not bad. The age in which we live in is defined by a greater reflexive, one might even say pervasive, willingness to question the nature of the world and our places in it. This does mean this extends everywhere, or…

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