borscht and babushkas

eat it with some jam!

i’m such a sucker at ukrainian bazaars. any cute old lady selling produce instantly makes me spend money on things i didn’t even go there for. just think how bad it would be if they also had puppies with them!! this is an on-going problem for me. i’ll come home with way too many carrots or cabbage simply because my heart ached for the little old babushka sitting in the cold trying to make an income.

the moment i walk by, eyeing their goods (not those kinds of goods), they quickly busy themselves making cute little adjustments in their displays, calling me ‘sweetheart’ and rambling on about their хороший fresh produce. i think they can smell my weakness, know i’ll sway at the slightest bit of persuasion or puppy eyes — they’re masters of their work.

this is how i ended up with much more tvoroh than i needed. not to…

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