Rachel's Drawings



Medium: Tea-stain, prismacolor pencils, pencil


A great synthesis depicting a simplified alchemical process. The circle represents cosmos and matter, fire floating at the top and water at the bottom. This represents the process of Sublimation, purer matter rising while leaving the base behind. The sun and moon on both sides below the circle are silver and gold, noble metals; also day and night. The dragon depicts evil and base matter and wicked, animal nature. It is overcome by the alchemical process of purification.

The phoenix is good and noble matter and higher, spiritual nature. It sits atop the world representing God’s rule over it and his eventual defeat of all evil. The three stars above the phoenix’s head are copper, gold and silver. They also refer to the trinitarian nature of God. The topmost picture represents the Orobouros, or the Cosmic chain of time and eternity. In the begining is the end…

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