The Legacy of The ‘Other’: An anthropological approach

Excellent summary of the dynamics of colonization and imperialism. This helps in making sense of current day relations between Ukraine and Russia.

Anthro Communications

self-and-otherThe Other is an all encompassing concept implying a variety of meanings, this is perhaps why it has been widely used to denote ‘not the same’. This ambiguity has allowed its position to be widely accepted as a synonym for difference. Although it has been used as a seminal concept in many disciplines, I intend to analyse the position of ‘the Other‘ in relation to anthropology and colonialism and attempt to explore the ramifications of the past, today. Anthropology has been critiqued for essentialising difference and aiding colonial expansion through the structural classification of non-Europeans as culturally, historically and racially inferior. However, postcolonial critique sees the ethnographers authority subject to criticism, moving from the unchallenged superiority of ‘being there’ (Geertz, 1988) to polyvocal (Caplan, 1988) engaged anthropology. Reflexivity makes the unconscious conscious and by doing so we take accountability for how we have constructed the Self in relation…

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