Some insights into our society that need to be considered in the context of a national discourse of freedom, guns, and rampant individualism.

Thinking Through History

This is an excellent piece. The term “freedom” in the title should be in quotes. Four thoughts:

(1) I appreciated the passage where the author asserts that “guns chasten speech.” They cause pre-censorship. The NRA president would say that’s a good thing (they enforce politeness). Is a “politeness” based on fear really politeness? And, on the flip side, guns give full free speech rights only to the gun owners. Guns are the end of genuine conversation in the polis—of civil space. Democratic culture is a shadow of itself in an armed society

(2) I hadn’t thought about how Hannah Arendt had/could be used to discuss gun control. That’s just my ignorance of her work speaking. Given that, I’m intrigued by this line of thought based on her work: “Violence — and the threat of it — is a pre-political manner of communication and control, characteristic of undemocratic organizations and…

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