An urban bprscht. Perhaps a postmodern sensibility is at play here.

Not Ready To Have It All

I just made borscht for lunch. I did not exactly follow the recipe. Cooking requires a lot of tools! Large soup pots, graters, sharp knives…. While I was cooking, I had an (unoriginal) idea of forming a community kitchen. People would bring their own ingredients and rent out a fully stocked kitchen for a certain amount of time, cleaning it when they were done. I think it’s a great idea! Does it already exist? Kind of.

Anyway, I made borscht!

I kind of followed this recipe. Here’s an even fancier (and more time-consuming) recipe. Too much for a hungry girl on a sleepy Saturday morning. I halved the first recipe to fit my largest soup pot. The recipe called for 16 cups of water and I could fit 7 in mine. I forgot that I halved the recipe when seasoning the soup, but luckily I also forgot to measure…

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