Beet kvas to make a good winter borscht.


Update:  I made a new batch of Beet Kvaas today, Jan. 3, 2013, and jazzed it up.  I did not have enough red beets so I used a combination of red and yellow beets.  Organic does make a difference in flavor and nutrients, and beets store well, so try and get them from a local farmer and store them for the winter.  This is a wonderful post from Delicious Obsessions on beet kvaas and making it differently.


I also used lots of fresh ginger, the juice of one lemon and in two of the jars I also added fresh garlic for a kick.  I added the tablespoon of Real Salt and a half a cup of kefir whey.  If you don’t have live kefir whey or yogurt whey you can use more salt.


Eat as much color as you can. Deep red, orange, yellow and I also think that drinking…

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