Why Anne Applebaum’s book about Soviet Russia is not an allegory about the United States

A must read!

National Post | News

As the horrors of the Second World War subsided in 1945, the terror was only beginning for much of Eastern Europe. Soviet Russia’s Joseph Stalin was on a mission to extend the sway of Communism to the region and its myriad of diverse populations. Anne Applebaum, a Washington Post columnist, explains how he did it in her new book, Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-56. She spent six years writing the book, using information that has only become available after the fall of Communism, as archives across the region were opened up to scholars. Ms. Applebaum, who divides her time between London and Poland (where she lives with her husband, Poland’s foreign minister), was in Calgary to speak at the National Post’s Teatro Speaker Series. She sat down with Jen Gerson before her lecture. This is an edited version of their conversation.

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