Katyn – the ultimate triumph of truth


You have two sides, opposed to one another ideologically and in every other way.  Disputes between these two opposing forces are sharp, accusations fly, the blame game begins, the rancor escalates and the spin doctors work overtime to spew propaganda to gain favor with the public.  Truth becomes the casualty as the public seeks to understand how credible either side is in the debate.  Even if you’re aligned with one of the two parties, you still reserve a degree of skepticism for what is said by them. Your cynicism is well deserved because of each party’s record of distorting the truth.  You’re left wondering whom to believe, realizing that discerning the truth is very important yet difficult.

While the description above might seem to fit the current bickering in congress, that’s not what it refers to.  It refers instead to one of the greatest but least known tragedies of the…

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