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Etymological English dictionaries state that about 30 per cent of this language are of French origin, 26 per cent are the native Germanic stock, 6 per cent of all words came from Greek and 10 per cent – from other languages. The Ukrainian language “supplied” English with some thirty words. More than half of them relate to the Ukrainian cuisine: pyrohy, varenyky, borsht, kasha, kvas, paska, kobasa, pysanka, holubtsi, etc. I go Merriam-Webster Online and type the word holodomor in the search bar. The internet dictionary says that the word isn’t there and suggests three words which are similar in spelling to mine: old-timer, oligomer and Old Norse.

The word holodomor is known to every foreigner who lives in Ukraine. It stands for the 1932-33 artificial famine that killed 7 – 10 million people. The Holodomor was arranged by Moscow and was aimed at breaking the resistance…

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