I am pleased to announce that Dr. Mary Watkins of Pacifica Graduate Institute has agreed to be my dissertation chair. A new phase begins. My life consists of reading, reading, and reading. I have done some writing, but have spent more time letting the reading soak in and percolate. The topic is cooking. My dissertation will focus on communal dreaming in a post-Soviet landscape, specifically Ukraine.

What kind of figures and images appear when a group of individuals are prompted by questions regarding social trauma, such as the Holodomor Famine and the era of Stalinist repression?  It will be an interesting journey to move from a literature review to creating a qualitative praxis.

I will be sharing my thoughts, readings, and recommending books for those who are interested.


  1. I remember the time of dissertation as very stressful, and immensely rich. Remember to go for long walks outside, sit in cafes drinking coffee, and engage colleagues and friends in lengthy conversations about whatever is on your mind. Enjoy it!

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