Tom Cheetham’s latest book: All the world an icon: Henry Corbin and the angelic function of beings (2012) offers much inspiration. I will be quoting passages from this book from time to time. Hopefully, dear reader, you will find much solace in this work.

Here is a quote about the French philosopher Henry Corbin and the importance of Imagination in our lives:

“Henry Corbin was a partisan of the freedom of the Imagination and an implacable enemy of fundamentalism and totalitarianisms of all kinds. He stands as a champion of the individual human spirit against the power of social institutions of every sort—religious, political, academic. His work provides us with an example of how we might live the Mosaic prohibition against idolatry. Every time we find a new truth, cling to a new fashion, believe in a new idea, a new savior—whether in science, in art, in politics, in the life of the mind, or in religion—we erect a new idol. Corbin’s entire metaphysics denies us the false security of putting faith in anything fixed and immobile. The Imagination never stops.” (p. 15)

In short, the idol must be transmuted into an icon.  More about this later.

For the time being, I invite everyone to begin chewing on the notion of active imagination, i.e. engaging in the images and figures from our daydreams and night dreams. 

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