It’s time for me to start blogging. I have been toying around with the idea that our wonderful Ukrainian soup–borscht–is central to our cuisine and to social life. Nothing like sitting down and eating this superb blend of beets, tons of vegetables, and a myriad of spices and seasonings! When you add those pampushky with garlic—heaven! All the elements are at play—water, fire, the earth, sky, sun, wind—you name it—borscht integrates the elements.

So–let’s all share a good cup of virtual borscht. Let’s talk, chat, commiserate.

I’m flying to Lviv in a few hours and will begin posting there. Hopefully, lots of pictures and images, and good soulful feelings and thoughts.

But, for now everyone who read my posts—take care of yourself, relax, stop the running around, and enjoy a cup of virtual borscht. There may be something to this yet.

o. Myron







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