Walter Duranty Denies Ukrainian Famine and Genocide

The job of an honest journalist is to climb to the top of a hill and shout, ‘Look what I see!’ no matter how messy or ugly. By Jacque White Kochak This article first appeared in The Auburn Villager My maiden name is White, and every three years the White clan holds an enormous family […] … Continue reading

Ukraine today a continuation of Ukrainian Republic of 1918-1920, Verkhovna Rada speaker says — Euromaidan Press

Andrey Parubiy, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, is among those who say that Ukraine today should be seen not as a newly independent state, which arose as a result of a declaration in August 1991, but as a continuation of the Ukrainian Republic of 1918-1920 that was suppressed and occupied by the Soviets. As… via … Continue reading


History of Maidan at Honchar Museum

Im Jahr 2014 kuratierte Ihor Poshyvailo die Ausstellung „Kreativität der Freiheit: Die revolutionäre Kultur des Majdan“ im Ivan-Honchar-Museum in Kiev. Sein neues Projekt: der Aufbau eines „Museums der Freiheit”, das der Erinnerung und Bewahrung von Artefakten der Majdan-Proteste dienen soll. Über das Projekt und dessen Rolle im gegenwärtigen politischen Kontext der Ukraine sprach er mit […] … Continue reading

Russia accuses Ukraine of “terror attacks”

The escalations in occupied Crimea on 7-8 August, in the course of which Russia has accused Ukraine of staging “terror attacks” and claims that it has foiled a “sabotage group,” have left many questions unanswered about the Kremlin’s versions of events, the first one being why Ukraine would try to carry out such a pointless … Continue reading

How EU and NATO exploited Ukraine

“Ukraine will definitely not be able to become a member of the EU in the next 20-to-25 years, and not of NATO either.” Let’s play a guessing game. Who made this statement last week? Was it: (a) Vladimir Putin (b) Sergey Lavrov (c) Viktor Yanukovich (d) Jean Claude-Juncker by Bryan MacDonald, RT: If the correct […] … Continue reading


Ukraine’s Independence exposes bankruptcy of Russian imperial aspirations

There “cannot be a more bitter date for contemporary Russia than August 24, 1991,” Yevgeny Ikhlov says, when Ukraine proclaimed its independence and thus showed the bankruptcy of all three Muscovite imperial projects: the Orthodox Third Rome, a European Russian Empire, and “’the new historical community of the Soviet people.’” In a commentary on the… via … Continue reading

Country and destiny — Euromaidan Press

With each year it becomes more difficult to write about the anniversaries of Ukraine’s independence. You remember the first, emotional, almost childlike reaction on August 24, 1991. There was no country then, and possibly there would be no country at all, and suddenly there it was already, and in the assembly hall in parliament you… via … Continue reading


Hitler-Stalin Pact and Europe Today

  Seventy-seven years ago, Hitler and Stalin reached the agreement on the division of Eastern Europe into spheres of influence, an agreement known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and one that continues to divide Russia from the rest of Europe and to cast a shadow on the entire continent to this day. If the countries that were… … Continue reading

Ukraine: 25 moments of independence — Euromaidan Press

The anniversary of Ukraine’s independence is reason for reflection. Especially at the time when Ukraine’s sovereignty and well-being face so many external and internal threats. We gathered 25 moments of Ukraine’s independence – turning points in Ukraine’s newest history which brought us to 24 August 2016. 1. 1990. The declaration of state sovereignty It seems that… … Continue reading


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