Current Politics in Ukraine

David Marples

The tragic events in Odesa indicate the escalating war in Ukraine: from separatists, to ultras, football fans, or the Right Sector, the groups involved are fanatical and determined, though it is not always clear what their respective desired outcomes would be. Nor is it clear what the goals of Vladimir Putin are or when they will be revealed.

If we analyze the complaints and grievances of the separatists and their Russian patrons, the following spring most readily to mind:

  1. The takeover of power in Kyiv through a coup allegedly conducted by a right-wing paramilitary group that brought about the ouster of the elected president, Viktor Yanukovych.
  2. The establishment of an interim government that largely excludes representatives from the Donbas and the south.
  3. Threats to the rights of Russian-speakers throughout Ukraine and their right to use their native language.
  4. Intrusions into Ukrainian politics both financially and personally by leaders…

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Ukrainian Orthodox priest of Moscow Patriarchate addresses Orthodox ‘brothers’ in Russia

Euromaidan PR

Hello. My name is Ihor Hryhola. I am a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate. I would like to address those citizens of the so-called “Russian World” who are eager to save Ukraine from Banderites and other “bad guys.”

Friends, Orthodox Christians, brothers and sisters! All of you who made the decision to “save” Ukraine, please, go to hell! What you are doing is horrible, it is dreadful. The degree of your downfall is terrifying. Do you understand? What the government of the Russian Federation is doing, and what, obviously, is being approved by the Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church – that’s a military aggression and the imperial ambitions, which, unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of the Russian people supports.

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The new Soviet Union

In the Belly of the Bear

History in the making and we’re in Moscow to witness it. All things considered, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.


Putin anschlussed the Crimea and made it official – the Russian Federation is basically the “New! Improved?” USSR. How can this be you ask? Very simple. Russians are idiots. Not unintelligent, just completely and utterly disabled in the ability to think critically department. E.g they will tell you that you need to rewrite your software so that it works in Russia. I tell them that contrary to what they have heard, oil and gas flow in the same way as in the US, Canada etc. This belief that they are different and need to oppose the outside is still common. They seem to think that the USA, Germany, France and the UK are lined up on the borders ready to destroy them utterly. They’re overly nationalistic and “patriotic” – consider the…

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West: Russia Grab Crimea Against International Law

Aleksandra Dukovska

Time 5.12 p.m. CEST Update: 6.11 p.m. CEST

Screen Shot of the moment Russian President Vladimir Putin signs the document that marks Crimea and Sevastopol parts of Russian Federation. March 18, 2014 Screen Shot of the moment Russian President Vladimir Putin signs the document that marks Crimea and Sevastopol parts of Russian Federation. March 18, 2014

Reactions that Russia “grab Crimea’s territory against international law” arrives after an official ceremony at Russian Duma and signing of the document by Russian President Vladimir Putin that enables entering of Crimea and city of Sevastopol, as consistent part of Russian federation.

According to Agency France Press, German Chancellor Angela Merkel re-affirmed the Germany standpoint that Crimea’s referendum is against the international law, and that Russia take Crimea contrary to international law.

“The so-called referendum breached international law, the declaration of independence which the Russian president accepted yesterday was against international law, and the absorption into the Russian Federation is, in our firm opinion, also against international law,” says Chancellor Merkel on Tuesday.

European Union Commissioner on Enlargement…

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Despite the Rumble of Russian Tanks the Main Weapon in Ukraine is Information

Critical Securities

This is an article by our friend Dr Victoria Hudson, research associate in Politics and International Relations at Aston University and was originally published at The Conversation.

“In the information age, success is not merely the result of whose army wins, but also of whose story wins.” The words of Harvard scholar Joseph Nye have been borne out in Ukraine.

At the moment, the Moscow narrative appears to have the upper hand both in Crimea and in Russia – where the Putin government has moved recently to stifle dissent.

Footage and photographs of thousands of jubilant Crimeans celebrating through the night after an overwhelming vote to secede from Ukraine carry an emphatic message. As one headline in Russia, quoted by the BBC, trumpeted: “Crimea is now returning to Russia.”

Each development in the rapidly unfolding crisis has been chronicled by media professionals and citizen journalists on…

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